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Battery Backup For Solar Power Systems

One of the questions people ask frequently is whether or not battery backup is necessary in a solar power system. This is a valid question, especially since battery backup for solar power systems can be a significant investment. There is no simple answer to this question. The conversation should always start with your needs and the expectations you have for your solar power system. Solar power systems have a design that enables the panels to generate energy only while in direct sun. However, the sun does not shine on your panels 24/7. Another thing to keep in mind is your panels can convert energy but cannot store additional energy for later use. So what happens when the sun goes down? This is where your battery backup system comes into play. Giving you the option to store your energy and use it when you need it.

There is plenty of evidence that a battery backup can be quite important. Below we cover three reasons you may want to invest in battery backup for your solar power systems.

Battery Backup Protects Your Home From Power Outages

If you live in a metropolitan area, chances are your solar power system is grid-tied. This means your utility provider partially connects to your panels. In the case of a power outage, your utility provider can block your panels from providing power to your home. Power outages occur for varying reasons, but a battery backup solution can help ensure that your home has a reliable power source. You will not have to worry about another blackout, you backup batteries will ensure your house has power.

Battery Backup Helps Gain Energy Independence

If you are looking to achieve independence from utility companies or you do not have access to the power grid, a battery backup for your solar power system can help you utilize electricity when you need it without a hassle. Whether it is a power outage or rolling blackouts, you will have protection with your own source of stored electricity.

Battery Backup Optimizes Your Consumption

With utility companies increasing their rates every year, investing in a backup solution is a great way to take control of your energy costs. You get to save money by locking yourself into lower energy rates and avoiding peak charges. Even if you are on a program like ‘time of use’ billing, a battery backup solution can help you avoid paying higher rates during peak hours. Utility companies have figured out the increase in power consumption during the evening hours and they capitalize on that energy use. Much like you’re able to monitor transactions from your bank account, battery backup solutions allow you to keep an eye on how much electricity your solar panels generate and how the energy is consumed in your home during any given time.


A battery backup for solar panels is a worthwhile investment if these situations apply to you. Storing the excess power generated by your panels can be a powerful tool in your renewable energy journey. Reach out to our team if you are interested in battery backup for your solar power system.

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